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Curriculum Support Coaching

Sporting Elite CIC offers curriculum support sports coaching working with key stages 1, 2 and 3. Our curriculum sessions focus on the technical part of the game, helping the children to understand the fundamental’s and how to improve them while engaging in a variety of different sports. During the curriculum programme the children will also take part in competitive games to help practice the technical skills they have learnt and use them in a game environment. 

“Sporting Elite have provided a professional and enjoyable experience for our children. They take an age appropriate approach in all that is delivered. We would recommend their coaches to everyone”
Paula Sage
Director of Sports
The Federation of Prince Albert and Heathfield Schools

PPA Cover

We are able to offer a quality yet affordable service to your school which can help to provide long term solutions to curriculum time cover.How this service is provided is fully dependent on the how the school run their PPA Cover. We can work alongside other teachers or provide additional coaches to work on a rotational basis across a morning, afternoon or full day. We provide structured lesson plans with attainable learning targets.

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